Made a New Tumblr!

had too much incriminating stuff on this blog…

so follow this one..

this blog is dead, i killed it. maybe/hopefully soon you guys will find out why i had to! 


I haven’t been on this thanggg in forever!

is there any way i can delete ALL my previous posts without making a new blog?

Song is titled 23rd…

Mixtape is titled Prophecy Tape…

Sick rapper…

click the link, download, & reblog please!


i’m starting to hate the Forever 21’s around here now…too effin dressy. i’m the t shirt & skinny’s type girl. can’t get down with the blouses and skirts.

i LIVE for American Apparel…

if only my wallet did too.

Somebody help?

is making a dispute the only way you can fix the audio on a youtube video because of copyright shit?

Let’s see women compliment women for once.


Insulting them for no reason doesn’t make u a tough guy. We allll lose respect for those. Plus, lol, how you look?

 *agreed. if a female is cute, i’ma say she cute. if you got some bad boots on, i’ma compliment. but because of this my bf thinks i’m a lesbian. haha



no you asshole lol. my boyfriend knows about my girlfriend. he knows we’re playing. same with my girlfriend’s boyfriend. even tho one point in time he really thought we was doing stuff cause latonya acts gay haha. but no, seriously, i’d never cheat on my boyfriend. not even with a girl. why would i wanna make him look bad and i care for him that much to not hurt him.

Ask me anything

ahahah! this is sooo funny…i havent been on tumblr in like forever i check my gf’s pg and find this haha…. too funny. we def need to spend some more QT lol…asap!!
My Old [Extended Version] in my Myspace About Me Section…still relevant haha

i LOVE to dance. professional dancer at that. love to read. keep to myself, but nice if i meet you and you prove worth my time. love challenges. incessantly impatient. ocd perfectionist. labeled as different [idky] i’d like to think im pretty regular. love the thrift store and get high off Borders book store. lived in the “hood” all my life but i dont reflect it. lacking a father but this created my work ethic. the dance studio is my habitat. i thrive off CONSTRUCTIVE criticism from famous choreographers and compliments from strangers about my dancing. hard worker. wont stop anything until its near perfect. feel sorry for people who feel that Soulja Boy is the best thing that happened to “hip hop”. Consist of different Me’s and you choose which Me you meet. Sometimes emotional. Don’t like unnecessary things or people in my life. Voluntarily uncool. Dont like you ppl no way lol. [i laugh out loud but im serious] A nerd and love it. Have panic attacks when behind slow cars or people who walk with no purpose. hate ppl who drive like pussies in the rain. HATE those fuckin Captcha things. make me feel dyslexic. chopped and screwed music makes me nauseous as well as the yankee candle store [in any viscinity of it]. would beat your mom in a spelling bee. hate when ppl ask me how long ive been in my relationship and after i say two yrs they say “aww, are you in love?”. DUHH BITCH. not a good friend, but forgive me i haven’t had many of those. some people think im gay because i give pretty girls compliments but why not? at least im not a hater. Think i was Beyonce in another life. lls. hate when people don’t dance full out. hate lazy dancers. hate when people tell me to do something when i was just about to do it. hate being told what to do or that i didnt do something good enough. so i try to do it great the first time. my mom is my gps. i memorize exit numbers, not landmarks. can get you somewhere ten minutes quicker than mapquest says i can. talk too much and repeat myself when inspired. low maintenance but probably still look better than your gf. love to write argumentative and reflective essays. i have food swings. i like corn on the cob but dont eat corn. i dont like strawberry products but love strawberries. my favorite snack changes every 6 months. i only eat hot dogs every other year. when brushing my teeth, i cant brush my tongue without gagging. I don’t like my name; well i mean its okay but i dont go throwin it up on my Headline or anything lol. My lil cousin’s name is the same as my middle name(darnae). I officially believe that fathers are overrated. I lose my phone approximately 7 times a day.

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